Connection issue:
-Check internet firewall
-Check anti-virus program
-Using the patch and custom wow.exe and not the launcher
-Cleared your wtf folder
-Disable your addons
-Check if you have any missing patches
-Not using an email as username

Donation issues:
Talk with paymentwall support to get this resolved.

You are allowed to multibox in PvE and as for PvP you are not allowed to do this.

Server Rules can be found here:

How to Connect:

How to reset instances:
/tar [@Player]
/s .i u all
/s .i u all

Druid C bug:
To fix the druid bug use the following macro...
/console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee
/console PlayerStatRightDropDown Spell
/console ReloadUI()
Or you can download our custom patch

When you change your race or faction and you miss items check the mailbox you can find him in the mailbox...

Type this script to fix your chat bug:

/run if( ChatFrame1.editBox.language==GetLanguageByIndex(1))then ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(2)else ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(1) end;

-When you need to just hit the icon on one of your bars and it fixes it. It is still faster than having to select

a language every time. Makes life a bit easier.